Szymek Wirkus-Neuroblastoma IV

When Szymon was 2 weeks old He went down with bronchitis and pneumonia – he was given one antibiotic, then the second and another. In vain…
They have done ultrasound and x-ray of abdominal cavity – they suspected neuroblastoma – a 12 cm tumor was found.
They started chemotherapy after which on 18/02/2004 during the operation in Provincial Hospital in Gdańsk two one-centimeter tumors were cut out.
Szymon started walking only when he was one year and eight months old. His body was strangely bent towards one side all the time, one leg looked as is fit had been sorter, it could be seen in the Picture. However nobody paid attention to that, we were fighting for his life. Unfortunately such a big tumor which pressed against the spinal core ravaged his body greatly.
Effects of pressing against the spinal core:
Flabby paresis of lower limbs, our son moves on all fours, he will occasionally make a few steps on his legs around the house, he walks on small bones, his legs are bent double because of contractures.
         scoliosishis body is twisted towards one side all the time.
         varus deformityof kenes, the effect of putting his feet wrong, that is walking on the outer bones of his feet
         talipes equinovarus(clubfeet)
         paresis of anus muscles. Szymon despite of his age – 4,5 years old – has to wear disposable nappies, he doesn’t have the sensation
Our son cannot stay in big groups and centers, he must be protected because of low immunity, he will never go to kindergarten and he hasn’t received any protective vaccinations against contagious diseases of children’s age.
Szymon is a very bright boy, he can already distinguish letters. He is really cheerful, despite the fact that every step distresses him, he tries to stand up, he falls but with obsessive persistence he stands up again. The boy really has the character… 
On the 25th of May He will be probably operated of his feet, long years of rehabilitation are still before him. The reason for which I have decided to ask for your help is the enormous expense that is connected with Szymon’s rehabilitation. He requires an intensive rehabilitation in order to be able to walk, I don’t even think of running. That will take place in specialist centres in course: 2 months of rest, one moth of intensive exercise. That rehabilitation is really expensive, the cost of a one period amounts to 3200 pln.  Unfortunately we cannot afford such an expense.

 Our son waits for your open hearts, any amount of money counts, and I don’t say it
metaphorically. Please give Szymon hope for happy childhood
All amounts of money are to be paid in on an account specially opened for Szymon.
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