Nikodem Chmielowiec - Cerebral Palsy, Retinopathy of Prematurity

Nico was born on 27 Feb 2007, a 6-months premature baby birth. He weighed only 1,5 kg and was 42 cm tall. He didn´t have much problems with (He had hardly any problems with breathing and later with swallowing food) breathing and later on with learning how to swallow food. He had been putting on weight up to 2 kg  quickly and after 5 weeks he was taken away from an incubator. During that time we used to go to Gdansk and Słupsk with Nico to get medicals – to have his senses of sight and hearing checked for staying in the incubator didn’t appear to be indifferent to little boy.
Having Nico back from the hospital, we started a physical therapy in Krojnaty because it was apparent that the little boy´s physical development fell behind when comparing him it his peers. However, we didn´t suspect that little Nico had been suffering from cerebral palsy. The suspicion of this disease started in November 2007. It turned out that after his birth he had a stroke  (called a cerebrovascular accident - CVA)left in his brain areas with some white matter thinning which were skinned over with defective brain tissue. Then we broke down...
Thanks to his family´s support we started looking for new doctors and physiotherapists. Two weeks after the diagnose we went with Nico for a rehabilitation treatment to a hospital in Bydgoszcz. And there comprehensive therapy started. It also was an education for his mother. Having the Vojta Method of rehabilitation the little boy has been crying till now because it is not a time for playing games, it is hard work.
The diagnosis listed on the hospital discharge sheet reads as follows: ´a partial paralysis of the left side of the body (hemiplegia)´. Thanks to the rehabilitation, only in December, little Nico was able to roll from his back onto his belly and backwards to the other side. Yet, his parents felt it was not all. They couldn´t care and stimulate little boy in a proper way. They got in touch with Zabajka. It worked out that once a week they could go to Zabajka for the Bobath Method of rehabilitation to be given; and from May this year they started hippo-therapy (that’s nice?). Little Nico is afraid of horses but when his mother is with him and she sings his favourite song, they are able to put little boy on the horse and REHABILITATE.
In February 2008 we went to Bydgoszcz for the second time. Unfortunately, the cerebral palsy hadn´t withdrawn but yet, his left arm got paralysed. We are seeking the cause - why the paralysis isn´t withdrawing but it is just progressing. In Toruń we got to know that we have to rehabilitate Nico in the field of psychological development. We learnt the third method then. We were given hints and tips on how to stimulate his intellectual and emotional developments. A great stress is put on stimulation using music, taste, learning new word, massages and sensory stimulation activities. The next breakthrough was in May 2008, because Nico started to crawl. Up till now this is his only way of moving, but he manages really well.
Despite being handicapped, little Nico is a cheerful, smiling and curious little boy. He is into cars, wheels and he loves water. His parents are young people. They want him to have a chance for normal life, education and a job. They would love to see him walking and running like his peers do. There is a lot of work ahead of them, they are ready for any kind of sacrifice. They will do anything to help their son. Money is the only obstacle. Until now they have paid for the therapy from their own resources but unfortunately, they have run out of them. It is really hard for them to ask you to help them with the Nico´s therapy. As a return for your help Nico´s mother commited herself to help to auction and to gather prizes. She doesn´t want to be passive and will be helping according to her means and talents.

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