The Ladybird Society achieves its goals by:

financing diagnostic examinations and purchasing medicines,
organising meetings for parents of children with oncologic diseases, and parents after loss,
purchasing rehabilitation equipments,
popularising the knowledge of tumours in children, especially in Chojnice and its region (health protection and promotion),
organising money-raising activities in public places,
making a sub-account for children with oncologic diseases available in order to allocate funds needed for treatment and rehabilitation,
creating therapeutic and educational programs,
advising and consulting families of ill children and families after loss,
running stay and care centres,
cooperation with state institutions and non-governmental organizations
national and international, which is being done in the sphere of the Society’s activity, as well as with private persons who show their interest in the Society’s goals,
helping diseased people to find donors,
actions for the benefit of the disabled who have found themselves in terrible financial situations,
charity work,
volunteer work for the benefit of children with tumour diseases, according to Volunteer Work Act,
a wide range help for parents after loss.
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