About the Society

"In 2005 my son was hospitalised, in the Children´s Oncology and Haematology Department, in Gdańsk. He was suspected to have been seriously diseased. Those two weeks spent in the Children´s Oncology Dept. changed my point of view on different issues, especially on one: children passing away. Then I understood that life is the most fragile thing we are given. I saw madness and despair in the mothers´ eyes whose children were dying and they, as mothers, could do nothing...

The examinations hadn´t proved the doctors´ concerns but after having spent my time in that department I was already a different person. I managed to make friends with several children and their parents. Many of those little friends are already gone. My little boy is sound.

It was then when I decided to do something as a kind of thanksgiving. Something that could give hope to parents and help them go through the hardships of their children´s illnesses. And this way a thought of establishing the society emerged… On my way to reach this goal I´ve met a lot of parents and ill children. There have been lots of important initiatives and tasks taken for their benefit, but the breakthrough was the meeting Ewelina Wirkus – the mother of Simon suffering from establishing tumour. He was a four-year-old citizen of Chojnice then. A great hero who is a "Witness Of Hope" to other parents of ill children. Together with Simon’s family and other friends we decided to make this plan come true…"
A Czapiewska

This is how the Charitable Society for the Benefit of Children Suffering from Tumour and for Parents After Loss was established. The Society focusing on helping children with oncologic diseases. We are all volunteers working for the benefit of "our" children and we are not paid for what we do.

Fortunately, we meet bighearted people on our way. People who share their talents and skills with us. All this contributes to our possibility of actions to be taken, and results in help.

Thank you for your trust.
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